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This webpage is concerned with recovery from generational criminal organisations that abuse mind control programming on their victims at Australia (abbreviated to AGCOMCP). It emphasises Australian aspects, in that the abuse occurred/occurs mainly in Australia and by perpetrators based here. The Contents links are at the right of this page in blue.

Generational organised crime is emphasised because relationships and dynamics within transgenerational families are abused greatly. Other criminal organisations emphasise family relationships to continue roles in which they obtain benefit, however, the organisations described, want controlled victims obtained mostly by marriage and reproduction. The perpetrators marry and give birth to people who become totally victimised. Similar criminal organisations have members who act out of their own free will, are conscious of their crimes and determine what the criminality is. They do not necessarily abuse victims to do their dirty work. The organisations described, have conscious and deliberately behaving criminals as well, but want victims who are totally controlled, cannot escape, and are not conscious of the abuse even if they are deployed to assassinate.

The other determining aspect of this type of criminal organisation is the coercive and controlling mechanism of mind control programming (called programming hereon). Programming is a systematic and extremely fast method of personal control that abuses drugs, hallucinogens, extreme dissociation, extreme torture and trickery. The aims are to traumatise and deceive a person, abuse dissociation to obtain a tortured and deceived separated personality, and obtain total loyalty from both the host person and dissociated parts. In most cases the programming and abuse are not known to the victim, which the perpetrators deliberately want.

The programming and abuse of family relationships are to benefit controllers/perpetrators in the organisations and have five main purposes. These are: 1. to profit from the production and sale of lucrative illegal and legal commodities; 2. to attempt to monopolise the production and selling of lucrative illegal and legal commodities: 3. to lessen the amount of taxation the controllers pay;  4. to maintain the control and exploitation of the manipulative socio-economic system (capitalism in the West) by eradicating political opposition and enforcing the socio-economic status quo; and 5. maintain programming and deployment in others by observing family and other victims to see if a victim is escaping; and being abused in developing programming.

Examples of the organisations' deployment of victims in the production, transport and selling of illegal commodities are the production of illegal drugs and couriering information concerning illegal arms. Examples of abuse with a legal commodity is being a “human guinea pig” in unethical experimentation for a publically available medicine and being an assassin of traditional landowners of mines that perpetrators wish to own. Victims are also deployed to assassinate other organised crime members so that the organisations have a monopoly on the commerce of illegal commodities. Victims can be deployed to assassinate asylum seekers on refugee boats so that they don’t become objects of taxation spending by welfare agencies such as Centrelink (Social Security). Perpetrators do not wish to pay taxes in welfare spending.  Victims are also deployed for maintaining the exploitative socio-economic status quo by being abused to observe and report on political resistance movements such as Aboriginal land rights and Socialist parties. They also have to observe and report on the degree of hostility from opposing social/religious/cultural groups such as Muslim people, Aboriginal people and migrants with differing world viewpoints. Victims are also deployed to observe whether other victims are escaping and undoing programming by being forced/programmed to see if victims are presenting to counselling agencies such as Lifeline or general counselling.

Writing the Webpage
The information in the webpage comes from my and other survivors’ experiences, and so is subjective. There are no academic studies of AGCOMCP and so there is no objective information on the issue. The reader needs to evaluate whether the information is relevant to him/her.

The information here is not to be used as therapy. I am not a therapist, but a long-term survivor who has recovered with many other survivors. I have noticed many patterns in recovery, and have gotten feedback from survivors about these patterns. I also have had long term therapy with therapists who understand the abuse and believe it exists. Survivors generally need to be in professional therapy in order to receive support with crises, feedback about progress, dissociation, PTSD, depression, etc.

The webpage is firstly concerned with the abuse by the organisations. This occurs firstly within the abuse of generational reproduction; and then the programming, training and deployment of victims. The webpage then addresses the indirect effects of this harm such as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). The webpage is then concerned with recovery. It outlines variations of recovery and the main areas that need to be addressed.  The webpage then explains support. It describes various types of support and lists resources, especially those in Australia. These resources include counselling, government assistance, information, etc. and are from many sources – books, the Internet, counselling services, etc.

This form of abuse is commonly called government mind control or abbreviated to govtmc. It is called this because survivors originally thought it was abuse by a government utlising mind control. Nowadays there has been a distiniguishing between the government and the perpetrators' organisation. It is perpetrators within the government and not the entire government which are abusing people. Ive kept the govtmc in the title of the blog as most people still know it by this.

Ritual abuse, which most, if not all, AGCOMCP perpetrators practice, is covered in the webpage to a degree. It is seen as the “religious, political and overall driving” embodiment of the organisations’ ideology to completely control and abuse humanity. By having power over the life of the person and killing him/her in a controlled and gratuitous manner, perpetrators believe they control humanity and can exploit whoever they wish. Therefore ritual abuse is seen in this webpage as within the intent and practice of the perpetrators. The ritual abuse bolsters the megalomaniac and extremely exploitative ways of their profiteering and social control. If wanting information and support for ritual abuse only and specifically, please see my webpage on ritual abuse at (This webpage also lists many sources of support for recovering from ritual abuse).

To see a timeline of the full abuse done to me please read the following timeline.

Timeline of Abuse 1958-2011

This is not the full information. The full information, especially regarding perpetrators, are with friends.
1958 - 60 Bourke, NSW. Age birth to two.
Main perpetrators: Ray Stewart (Deceased) Jock Stewart (Deceased) 
Initial programming - Torture utilising a knife near my throat, hypnotic drugs and sexual abuse.

1960-64 Gerringong/Kiama NSW
Perpetrators – Main Ray Stewart (Deceased), Jock Stewart (Deceased), Bill Linton (deceased) ; Programmers: Joan M in Kiama office, Woman Farmer in Berry
Initial programming - Torture utilising a knife near my throat, hypnotic drugs and sexual abuse. Isolation; being placed near a revolving saw
Training – being sexual
Organized pedophilia at homes; ritual abuse;

1964-75 Wollongong NSW
Perpetrators - Mainly Ray Stewart and Jock Stewart in houses at Berkeley, Wollongong, and at Chester Hill in Sydney; also in local neighbourhood – many programmers in Berkeley and Wollongong; and at schools: Berkeley West Primary School (1964-69) the staff were Sciffer (teacher deceased), McLeod (principal deceased) and Henderson (teacher deceased); Berkeley.High School (now Illawarra Sports High School ) (1970-75)–  three male teachers, two female teachers and a deputy principal and principal. In 1970s and following decades, perpetrators worked at state government department offices at Wollongong city (lower Crown St.). Main place of programming (torturing) at Wollongong – West of Kembla Grange. An old isolated farmhouse with an angry dog and an old man watching over the place.
Training - done at Holdsworthy Military barracks (South Sydney);  Courier of information on many long and short “range” missions; and to be militarily minded; espionage, to be observant, abusing photographic memory; Training in theft in order to steal jewellery from rich homes.
Organized pedophilia at homes and hotels; ritual abuse; Assassination of newly arrived migrants in old and unused mines;
Medical experimentation – local doctor at Berkeley for medical and government experimentation.
Ritual Abuse: many types. Cults included Satanic, Nero "worshipping", Baal "worshipping", Masonic "worship", and “witch” and “warlock” worship, but mainly satanic. Perpetrators: at Windang, Head of Baal “worshipping” cult. Frank Arkell (deceased) Head of Nero "worshipping" cult, Done mostly at many farms and mines dotted around southern Wollongong, Kembla Grange and Mt Kembla.

1976-78 Armidale, NSW
observing student politics; couriering drug, military and espionage information between Armidale/Tamworth and Sydney/Wollongong
Ritual Abuse

1979 Sydney, NSW
couriering drug, military and espionage information between Wollongong and Sydney; producing drugs
Ritual Abuse

!980-81 Kaikohe and Auckland; New Zealand
Observing Maori people for rebellion; couriering information between Auckland and Sydney.

1982 -83 Wollongong, NSW
Observing in Lifeline Counselling to see if programming victims are escaping and disclosing; Observing Communist party to see levels of organized resistance to capitalism; Drug production; Ritual abuse; "the adult" for child pornography
I was also taken to the Solomon Islands and had to assassinate people trying to reclaim their land from big mining companies on the islands.
Perpetrators deploying me for couriering long and short range missions; they worked at state government department offices at Wollongong city (lower Crown St.). Main place of programming (torturing) at Wollongong – West of Kembla Grange towards the mountains. Old isolated farmhouse with an angry dog and an old man watching over the place. Programming mainly done now at a private hospital south of Wollongong city starting with F.

1983 Numbulwar. Northern Territory
Observe Aboriginal tribal people in their village to see levels of organized resistance; report into handlers in Sydney and Wollongong.

1984 – 1996 Wollongong, NSW
Observe Aboriginal urban people for resistance, Communist party and Student politics; Assassination of boat refugees in NW W.A.; Drug production; Abused In programming setups; Ritual Abuse

1996- 2000; 2002 Brisbane, Qld
Main programmer: woman who works in a government dept in Brisbane. Short, dumpy woman in her late forties with straight dark hair and a pasty white non distinguished oval face; American. She has a house on the eastern side of the Brisbane River in Quay Street, and which has a boatshed out the back. The shed is abused as a programming area. It has an upper sealed room that contains torturing equipment and a table abused for programming. The room is sound proofed. Entrance is a hole, acting like a door, over the river. It is accessed by a removable ladder.  Victims are brought in by boat. Role: handler, a major contact and organiser for Brisbane and Queensland. Other programmers is an Australian man who organises despatches such as drug shipments, and shifts victims around the country. Work address at a government office on the northside of Brisbane away from CBD. Appearance: Large, slightly fat man. Mannerisms: middle class affectations. There is another man in his late fifties, mid height and lean, and very mean and officious. He has dark skin and pocked skin on his face. He is the overall supervisor in Brisbane. He lives and works in Brisbane but could travel a lot. My feeling he is a national coordinator.
Training: utilising photographic memory especially plans of military silos; International travel
Couriering military and other information between Brisbane and Townsville/Cairns Queensland; Observe Student politics; Ritual Abuse;

2000-01 Europe
Vilnius, Lithuania
Courier information regarding the storage of western illegal arms in military silos in Lithuania; report back to handler in Brisbane
Barcelona, Spain
Basque separatists; Courier information regarding the sale of illegal arms to Basque separatists; report back to handler in Brisbane

Indonesia and Malaysia 2002 and 2004
Kuta/Denpasar, Bali many incidents of abuse between February 2002 and February 2004. Denpasar (Bali) is s a major entry and exit place for passing on military, espionage, experimentation and other information between Australia and Indonesia. It has allied Australian, American and British perpetrators. I was mind controlled for passing on information between perpetrators in Australia and Denpasar. Also I was mind controlled for doing "projects" for when Im in Indonesia.
Bogor, Java: the Kopassus offices in the Indonesian military. Kopassus is the most militarised unit within the Indonesian military. April to July, 2002 I was mind controlled for passing on information between Australian and Indonesian governments regarding the supply of illegal U.S. weapons to the Indonesian military. I then was told to report back to Australia regarding the shipment. The U.S. navy was to bring the weapons (mostly guns and ammunition) in by submarine, and to be mostly abused by Kopassus in Maluku and other areas resisting Indonesian rule. Was raped by an Indonesian major (the “contact”) in Bogor.
South Eastern Indonesia, especially Kupang, West Timor, Flores and other SE islands Indonesian doctor perpetrator in Kupang. Accessing victims and telling them to do tasks. Spying on Christian people in South East Indonesia who maybe rebellious or have animosity towards the (mainly Muslim) Indonesian government. This was also significant in light of neighbouring and Christian Timor Lorosae breaking away from Indonesia.
Makassar. Sulawesi: an Australian teacher. In the forest near Makassar is a large, heavily guarded building where perpetrators experiment on captive local people with bacterial weaponry development and medicines. I had to observe and get information from the perpetrators and then report back to Darwin.
Bunaken Island, Sualwesi  While I was staying on Bunaken Island in northern Sulawesi I was accessed by an Australian perpetrator named K. She is based in Jakarta but travelled to Bunaken to access me. She is a teacher. My feeling is she is most probably an Australian espionage agent. She is the partner of someone, who is also most probably an Australian agent, and works in an Australian government agency in Jakarta. She accessed and reprogrammed me because I didn’t go back to Makassar and get information concerning the medical and military experimentation done on Indonesian people there.

Malaysia – had to tour around all of peninsular Malaysia and observe levels of disquiet and hatred by Muslims towards Westerners especially in the conservative north east states.

Western Australia, 2003
Couriering information between Perth and Broome concerning drug shipment coming into Broome from SE Asia.

New Zealand, 2004
Was supposed to courier information from Wellington to Auckland but foiled their plans.

Malaysia 2005-2008
Tioman Island and North East Malaysian Peninsular – observe levels of disquiet and hatred by Muslims towards Westerners in a long term study. Foiled their plans.

Perth 2008-11 Accessing and attempted reprogramming in a psych ward in a hospital south of the river in Perth starting with B. Accessing and attempts to get me back to Brisbane where the handler is, but was able to foil her. Stopped all accessing and reprogramming in 2011 and escaped. HURRAH!

Important Concerns When Reading This Webpage
Terminology: Victims, Survivors, Victims/Survivors and Perpetrators
In this webpage there are basically many types of people who are seen within their intent and condition. The first are the victims who make up the vast majority of people abused. They either cannot be conscious to the abuse because of deliberate programming to stop awareness; or aware of the programming and deployment but have been frightened and threatened into submission. Neither therefore can escape. Thirdly there are victims/survivors. These are people who have made efforts to escape such as moving to another area, but are still being non consciously accessed, frightened into submission and deployed by perpetrators in that new area. In other words victims/survivors are people who strive to escape but there is still control by the perpetrators. They especially need to address accessing and deployment. Survivors are people who are not being accessed and deployed and can concentrate solely on recovery including memory work, deprogramming and having a fulfilling life. As written, the people in this paragraph are all victims. They do not desire to be part of AGCOMCP.

Perpetrators are those that consciously know that they are programming and deploying victims, and willingly desire to do harm. They are members of a criminal organization and deliberately wish to be so. Their intent is to knowingly harm, torture and exploit for their and the organisations selfishness and greed.

The information in these pages may be triggering and overwhelming. Please read at a pace that supports you. If you feel overwhelmed, are starting to have flashbacks, feel nauseous, etc, take time out and come back when you feel refreshed. Recovery is a process that you can control by being aware of what you can deal with. You can also ring a friend, a telephone crisis service, a mental health team or a therapist/counsellor. If ringing someone unknown such as a telephone crisis service, you do not need to say you are a AGCOMCP survivor. The person listening is concerned about your well being, and so you do not have to explain anything if you don’t want to.
When reading about AGCOMCP, people can understandably feel swamped, shocked, disgusted, depressed, etc. This abuse is confronting, incredibly inhuman and horrendous. As a believing counsellor once said to me: “I thought ritual abuse was horrifying enough, and now this!”. There are also deliberate mind control messages to stop a survivor from getting validation and support. These can be: “will go mad”, “the information is lies”, “must attempt suicide”, “must only read half of it”, “contact someone” (a perpetrator), etc. The messages can happen while reading or afterwards. (Similar reactions also occur when disclosing to a counsellor, getting memory, etc). For survivors starting out in recovery, these reactions can be especially horrible as s/he is not used to dealing with them.
To lessen and stop these effects, survivors and counsellors have two main recommendations. Firstly, it is important to recognize that these harmful messages are happening, and they are because of the mind control. They are not weird, alien, made up, etc. These are mind control messages and the survivor is being affected by them. By recognizing that they exist, the survivor is halfway there to dealing with them. The second important recommendation is firstly to imagine how an abused person, especially a child, would be while reading this information. This is important for survivors. We sometimes cannot see and understand the harm we endured, particularly of our inner children. Then it is recommended that we comfort this abused person/child in ways the individual reader would naturally. When reading, if it is way too horrifying, or simply too much information, especially for our inner children, then it is caring to stop and have a break, etc.  Comfort yourself in the same way as comforting an abused child or teenager. Hold a non triggering toy, warm yourself with a blanket, etc
 Sometimes, the reading, disclosure, etc, can cause a crisis where the survivor is in uncontrollable pain or is extremely disorientated. This can also mean needing professional assistance such as hospitalisation. There is no shame in ringing an ambulance, a mental health crisis team, a hospital, etc. These people are sincerely concerned about your welfare.

Who I Am
My name is David Free. I am an Australian survivor of Generational Organised Crime which abuses Mind Control Programming (AGCOMCP). I have been in long term therapy for twenty years concerning groups which abuse mind control programming. The last ten years have been spent directly on AGCOMCP with counsellors and email support lists for survivors. Therapy before AGCOMCP was for sexual assault mainly by the father, and ritual abuse by many and various cults which involved the father. I have had many articles published in books in Australia and overseas on being a ritual abuse survivor. I have also given many public talks on ritual abuse to Australian general survivor groups and community groups. I have also done many media interviews in Australia on ritual abuse and organised pedophilia.

The information in the webpage comes from my recovery from the abuse, from discussions with other survivors and counsellors, and from literature and webpages concerned with the abuse and recovery. First it is written from what I experienced as a victim and a survivor and reflecting on these. When I came to writing the webpage I wrote down what I thought was valuable for me. I then thought of what was valuable for the many survivors I email with constantly. Then I would compare to see how we were doing things both similarly and differently. All survivors do things differently, but we tend to have the same basic ways of surviving, and it was these ways that I put on the webpage. It has also been good to simply observe myself and other survivors so that I am out of my stuff somewhat. A good learning curve!! What was also very valuable was emailing or talking with the three counsellors I have had therapy with after finding out I am a survivor. All are not survivors of AGCOMCP and so didn’t get triggered, could be more objective and have more time and energy to respond.

I feel I can testify to the abuse as the memories are consistent and firm, and the fact that after ten years of therapy my understandings of AGCOMCP abuse have not altered. In fact they have gotten deeper. At first, the understandings were of single episodes of programming related to missions, deployment and training, but now the abuse is conceptualised within institutional forms and has historical and current relationships. For example, the deployment off the north Australian coast in the early 1980s to assassinate refugees coming to Australia was within the historical treatment of peoples that the extreme right wing at Australia have always wanted. Everyone knows the Australian extreme right wing forces do not want refugees coming to Australia, and everyone knows the Australian extreme right wing by government legislation have tried to kill off people it didn’t want in the past such as Aboriginal people. What Australian extreme right wing forces are doing now is killing off refugees because they don't want to pay the taxes for their detention and citizenship. Before they could use government legislation to kill off unwanted people arriving at Australia. However, since Australia has signed refugee treaties assuring their good treatment, they use covert means and non conscious mind controlled zombied victims to do their dirty work.

My abuse also has corroboration with the same programming and similar deployment of North American victims/survivors. A pattern of many Canadian and U.S. ritual abuse survivors was also of subsequent revelations of abuse within government organisations such as the FBI and CIA. Mind Control, developed specifically by the CIA, was being abused on victims who were deployed in espionage, assassination, policing, extracting monies through illegal operations, etc. This was different to localised pseudo religious and extremely perverse ritual abuse cults. These were covert operations abusing government resources such as espionage on people protesting such as students and Muslims, drug production and distribution, illegal arms supply, etc. The unfolding of my abuse is similar. I had worked through ritual abuse memories and control, but found that I was also being abused by another body. This turned out to be perpetrators within a similar covert government organisation and who had extreme right wing agendas such as monitoring student unrest over mainstream political issues. The CIA, ASIO, etc had been exploiting my mind and body for their aims and had abused mind control programming so that I was a non conscious robotic slave.

Another (obvious) thing Id like to say is that I’m not making this up. In fact I wish I was! I don’t get any monetary or other material benefit and I can think of other ways of “attracting attention”. I didn’t get any prompting by counsellors, hypnotists, survivors or from getting information from the web or literature. My suspicions were aroused when I was doing things when I was travelling that were against what I wanted to do. I was staying in places far too long than would be expected of tourism and which I found out had major military bases. I was also missing too much time and feeling disorientated. This reminded me of the ritual abuse programming but was in a different context. I then started to reflect on the weirdness and with talking to personal parts and having memory, found out that I was being nonconsciously abused as a courier with illegal military information. I then searched the internet and found information on AGCOMCP and found the email support groups. From then on more memory unfolded and I found I was still being deployed. Programming is very deep. I am now working on the programming and memories so that I won’t be deployed anymore and can have a safe and happy life. I am pretty sure I’m not being accessed and can concentrate on stopping awful memories and programming and have a free and truly fulfilling life.

Please feel free to copy the information in the webpages. If you publish it, please acknowledge its source. Thankyou

The Perpetrators

The Perpetrators

To be straightforward, all the perpetrators are basically “people” (sic) who want to harm and exploit victims in order to obtain wealth and power. There is nothing fanciful, exotic or mysterious about these extreme criminals. They are all psychopaths who have zero empathy or concern for anyone. They program, train and deploy victims in both the production and selling of the most lucrative commodities available; and in the surveillance and eradication of opposition in terms of socio-economic groups and systems, and in organised crime. They are conscious and willing perpetrators, and do not care how badly they torture and manipulate victims, including their own family, in order to make ill-begotten money. They are basically organised crime, utilising the latest methods in brainwashing, in order to control victims for obtaining large amounts of money and power. This is the make-up of all the perpetrators. They may try and hoodwink victims by lying that they “were programmed too”, but if they were sincere in being survivors, they would not be manipulating victims, but instead would be getting genuine support and getting victims free.

Each perpetrator is capable of understanding and doing programming or ‘assisting in it”, and can deploy. They know the general accessing language and techniques and are told the specific ones when accessing a certain victim sent to their area. Some become “experts” and “directors” in the mind control, or in deployment activities such as human experimentation and organised pedophilia. Each perpetrator then has specific “responsibilities” such as geographic areas, chasing and intimidating escapees, etc.

The Perpetrator Organisation

The perpetrators have organised themselves into a large organisation that has many facets. Depending upon what is the specific aim of the perpetrators, they would structure themselves to fit the following organisational styles and deploy victims within them. These include: an Organised Crime Syndicate, a Paramilitary Organisation, a Company and Small Government/Dictatorship. For example, when producing child pornography it has the style of organised crime; when killing refugees it is a paramilitary organisation.

            The organization resembles mostly a private militia which is a private non government force and is distinct from a national regular army. It is a militia in that it strictly adheres to military titles and the power within them, has an autocratic chain of command, and everyone, including victims are trained in military procedure. In essence, a private army. A private militia usually exists as a more right wing version of the regular army, and is abused to physically stop unionists and strikers, and to cause social chaos such as committing violent acts against the public such as bashing or killing a man on the street and then blaming innocent bystanders. 

The organization is tightly run and military in style and organization. Meetings are within particular periods, the mind control programming was done on specific days and times, the organized paedophilia, within say a cover of a “Christian group”, is done between certain hours, travelling done within a specific period, etc. There is a distinct hierarchy, with a major perpetrator controlling a certain area usually based on the number of perpetrators but also depending upon the area’s military and economic importance. There are specific networks that are based on either area, or on types of deployment and activities. General communication for telephone, email, etc is always coded in the most seemingly innocuous language and is never used for important information. This is because telecommunication and the post can be watched by anyone. For important information mc victims are abused as couriers.

Even though the organization is military in terms of command, the practices are more like a company in terms of exploiting mind controlled “workers” in the production and selling of commodities. In fact, the commercial terminology among the perpetrators, even for such criminal and inhumane acts as child pornography, is a “product”. The “ethos” and practice of the organization is one of extreme and unfettered capitalism where non conscious workers are exploited in any illegal way that makes a profit. Also, of importance to know, is that the organization has another objective and that is to observe and stop any political opposition in terms of socialist parties, student radicalism, Aboriginal land rights, etc.

In terms of its government face, the perpetrators will worm their way into government departments in order to exploit its resources. In fact, the abuse and organisation are sometimes called “govt mc” because there is so much exploitation and corruption of government resources. The areas where most members perpetrate are the military (the Australia Defence Forces, ADF), espionage agencies (Australian Security Investigation Organisation, ASIO and Australian Security Investigation Service, ASIS), the police especially the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). These departments are directly within the military, espionage, policing and external government relations spheres where victims are mainly deployed. However, perpetrators can also be in other seemingly innocuous departments such as Housing and Planning. This is for policing in society generally. They wish to control all victims and utilise any government resource to do so. The organization is also covert within the government departments themselves, even to staff within the ADF, ASIO, ASIS, the AFP and DFAT. Only perpetrators within the departments know of the existence of other perpetrators within them. The “business” can be easily hidden by closed/locked doors, innocuous telephone and email messages, etc.

The perpetrators will abuse established institutions for increasing wealth and power. They want the positions and resources of the institutions to enable faster, hidden communication and transactions with other illegal organizations and facilitate their own projects. For example, the position of “major” in the Australian army can enable private/unfettered contact with perpetrators overseas and in Australia. The resources of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can open up control of masquerading “aid programs” which are in fact places of human experimentation. A worker in the Department of Housing can enable a perpetrator to move to an area. Likewise, a teaching position allows the direct grooming of a child for prostitution. The perpetrators have insidiously abused institutions to such a degree that victims have thought that all around them are “perpetrators in the institutions”. The abuse is still mostly called government/mc abuse because survivors thought it was the whole government harming them. Perpetrators will also abuse well respected societal positions such as a doctor conducting human experimentation in his office, and a priest abusing a church for ritual abuse.

As stated by the U.S.Senator Daniel K. Inouye, who chaired the 1977 U.S. Senate revelations concerning the illegal CIA development of mind control, "There exists (in the U.S. government) a shadowy government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself." This is the same shadowy government that exists in the Australian government, and as similar to the CIA, abuses mind controlled victims.

Perpetrators are also in society generally for deliberate reasons. They act like “normal people” e.g. housewives, doctors, counsellors, teachers, principals, chemists, tradesmen, etc. They can also easily police neighbourhoods, recreation areas, workplaces, etc for radicalism. They may have these roles and positions generally, but the primary reason they have them is to perpetrate.

The controllers are company owners, and wealthy politicians wishing to abuse a covert and illegal organisation. This group determines the aims and operations, tells the mind control organization facilitators what to do (including the specific government departments and organised crime areas where the deployment happens), and organises with similar in other countries. This fascist elite wishes to maintain control of society and expand the economic greed of companies which it either represents or has direct financial control of. The government is seen as an instrument of social control and economic expansion by this elite. Military, espionage and social disruption activities are the main ways of obtaining social rule and economic greed. Before humanitarian legislation, especially after the end of the Second World War, this elite would simply and openly order the invasion of countries, spy on groups, etc. Now the government has to abuse a mind controlled group to do these secretly and without the victim’s knowledge.

The directors of the organisation are within the elite of the Australian government departments (particularly those mentioned above), the major company owners and directors, some of the mind control perpetrators themselves, and politicians wishing to abuse this covert and illegal organisation. In essence it is the ruling elite within Australia.  The greed for more money and power is what underlies the organizations activities and the government is the means by which it is done. Within Australia, the networks are used to obtain wealth through illegal activities such as organized paedophilia, drug production and trafficking, espionage and surveillance etc. The directors control the activities and organize it both internally and if need be externally e.g. drug importation. They also determine specific focuses such as espionage on specific groups. Overseas they communicate with similar perpetrators in other governments or groups that wish to establish new governments. They then supply arms, or military, economic, social and political information, etc such as with General Rambuka and Fiji. Then they militarily “support” major Australian and U.S. companies attempted control of cheaper labour supplies and/or natural resources in overseas countries such as BHP and Bougainville.

Under these is a second level of perpetrators who are the facilitators and who do most of the programming and handling of victims to tie into the controller’s selling of products. They also obtain money within the organisation by negotiating payments with the controllers, and can move up rank by the successful utilisation of victims. The facilitators are the programmers and handlers of the victims. Usually a handler is assigned a family and they control about ten families in all (depending upon the size of the family). They are not given the actual detail of any project as they could sell the information e.g. a drug containment on a specific ship, to another drug trader. This is a major reason why victims are abused. So that the memory of say a shipment is kept within a non conscious split personality.

Most facilitators were originally programmed and exploited as with all those treated as such. However, they showed themselves to be evil and of use to the controllers, and so did not need to be programmed. They are very willing to harm victims and without a conscience. The controllers and programmers, when assured that these new abusers will exploit and abuse victims and therefore make money for the controllers, will lift off their programming and install them as facilitators. They do not need to be programmed anymore and are “worthy” of being included within the exploitation.

Geographical Extent

A controller/director oversees a certain area or turf and which is usually based on the number of victims and facilitators, but also depending upon the area’s military and economic importance. There are specific networks that are based on either area, or on types of deployment and activities. General communication for telephone, email, etc is always coded in the most seemingly innocuous language and is never used for important information. This is because telecommunication and the post can be watched by anyone. For important information mc victims are abused as couriers.

It is a very large organization both geographically and in terms of numbers. For example, in the small Wollongong suburb I grew up in, there were many perpetrators. The primary school had a principal and three teachers, and the high school had a principal and five teachers. A local doctor, shopkeeper, and many housewives and workers were also perpetrators. The city was medium sized and perpetrators were in all the suburbs. I was mainly controlled by a perpetrator who worked in a government department in the city. Then when I was deployed to go to particular areas I was abused in most towns and cities. Each town, even very small ones would have at least one perpetrator. Some places and cities have large concentrations particularly if the town/city has major military operations such as Townsville or is strategic for other reasons e.g. Darwin and the proximity to the Australian government’s supply of arms to SE Asia.

Overseas, each major city in the western world would at least have an Australian perpetrator and they would be mainly found in either Australian departments such as DFAT or Australian government sponsored organizations such as AUSAID or education centres, etc. I was abused by perpetrators acting as supposed English teachers overseas who tortured me and whom I had to provide information to in Sulawesi in Indonesia, and by DFAT officials in Auckland, New Zealand whom I had to pass information to.

Within British, U.S. and Australian Imperialism

The Australian area comes under the main control of U.S. imperialism, and there are American perpetrators high up in this in Australia. Until the 1960s, it has been the British that have had much power and influence since it was the British which invaded and colonized in the 18th and 19th centuries. Australia may have gained some independence in 1901 with federation and ones own prime minister and parliament, but Australia still has a British constitutional monarchy. Since the 1960s, America has taken over most control from the British as seen in the presence of U.S. transnational corporations, political influence and military involvement.

The Australian perpetrators have a strong alliance with the U.S. perpetrators, and to a lesser extent, Britain. Before the 1970s, it was the British government that the Australian government was mostly allied to. My programming up to then was mainly within British imperialism, particularly the queen, and its alliance with the Australian perpetrators. I also had to worship Menzies and the traditional ADF. Currently it is mainly within U.S. imperialism and the U.S./Australian alliance. The extent to which the U.S. is so closely tied is so strong that it is difficult to differentiate specific interests. The Australian perpetrators have an inseparable alliance based on joint economic, political and military control of the SW Pacific and parts of SE Asia. I was abused with U.S. programming which was concerned with American world control. I even had to learn the capital cities of U.S. states and the American national anthem! This is part of the U.S. attempt at world control through its transnational corporations and worldwide military control.

The alliance also serves Australian imperialism in the regions. Major Australian companies particularly in mining, gas and in the production of steel have expanded their control over Melanesia, Indonesia, Timor Lorosae, Vietnam and other countries in SE Asia. Australian companies also now control many parts of the New Zealand economy and threatening to undermine its economic sovereignty. The directors of the organization abuse mc victims in the illegal activities of the greed of Australian imperialism.


As written, the organization mostly resembles a private militia which is a private non government force/army and is distinct from a national regular army. Such private militia did exist in Australia, especially Sydney and Melbourne, between the 1920s and 1950s. They were the Old Guard, New Guard and the White Army, and which were formed into large paramilitary units which secretly held training and possessed weapons. They were financed by the wealthy elite, especially the largest bank at the time, the Bank of New South Wales, and who opposed any left wing and socialist endeavours such as a publically owned Commonwealth Bank and halting any payments to private banks in London. One New Guard Colonel de Groot famously cut the ribbon opening the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932 in an act of social disruption and to strengthen right wing supremacy. D.H. Lawrence in his novel “Kangaroo” described the violent activities against unionists and the secret military training of New Guard members in and around Sydney in the 1930s. Supposedly, these private militia were “dissolved” in the 1950s due to public pressure. However, the 1950s was when programming was introduced into Australia, and so I would say the militias became mind controlled “normal people” instead. Behind the mind controlled “normal people” and the deliberate guise of directors and handlers is the military unit as it is today. What also continue are the aims of The Old and New Guards, and White Army. These are to ensure a right wing politic, stop any left wing action and have “social chaos that can only be fixed by an autocratic right wing government”.

The perpetrators’ agenda, as with the New Guard, is to ensure that companies can exploit workers, and which is fundamental to the present capitalist economic system. This exploitation still occurs and private militias still undertake the same activities as the previously public ones. They still do illegal espionage on unions, left wing groups, Aboriginal activism and any opposition to businesses. They still orchestrate violence against groups they don’t want such as refugees. Like the New Guard they produce events deliberately designed to cause social chaos such as assassinations of civilians by mind controlled people. Producing social chaos means that the government can restrict civil liberties. All these ensure that business is in a powerful position by producing a conservative political climate, stopping any political activism that will reveal and stop business exploitation, and stops any unwanted labour that are different to those desired by companies e.g. refugees.

It is interesting that the public mass killing in Australia, by Martin Bryant in 1996 at Tasmania who “killed” thirty five people, has been documented by many as a case of a mind controlled assassin. Bryant was treated at the Tavistock Institute in London where I was threatened to be programmed at eight if I didn’t take notice of the handler. He was also being seen in Tasmania by a psychiatrist who was involved with the institute.



A Summary of the Abuse and Criminality

A Summary of the Abuse and Criminality

“One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time”. - John Wanamaker

This is an outline of the main ways they abused us. Even though it may seem overwhelming to read about them altogether, it is beneficial to succinctly know how we were actually abused. (Further in the webpage are detailed descriptions and understandings of the various aspects of the abuse). Firstly, the perpetrators wish to deceive us that we “were not harmed”, “are suffering from delusional thinking” and that “we were saved, cared for and looked after”, etc. When we look specifically at the abuse, this is the exact opposite. We were/are stopped from having any freedom to truly do what we wish. This includes not following their orders, and in whatever way they couched the order such as “It would help your mum, your country, etc to go to this place” or “you would enjoy seeing the tropics”, etc. We suffered awfully from their extreme torture, drugging, lying and manipulation in the mind control programming process and its maintenance. We also suffered badly from their enforced deployment, and being put in life threatening situations such as at places where people of our nationality, race and religion were murdered. Even if the deployment was for generally good reasons e.g. surveying the level of terrorism against Australia, because we had no say in whether we wanted to be deployed, this is immoral and illegal. Then there are the dreadful effects such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), physical scarring, having long term physical health issues such as kidney and liver issues, etc. We were also deliberately stopped from knowing that we are/were abused by psychological techniques such as manipulated dissociation, intensive drugging, etc. In terms of the criminality, the perpetrators should be taken to court and tried for hideous and long term crimes such as psychological and physical torture and hurt; for deliberately placing people in harm’s way; for the severe death threats to oneself and loved ones; and the killing of victims by enacting suicide programming within them; etc.

Secondly, supporters like therapists and friends are sincerely concerned for our welfare and would like to know what actually happened to us. This summary helps with this. Thirdly, there is very little information on the topic in order to contradict the perpetrators’ lies, and to support survivors and our supporters. Such information about GOCMP itself, let alone GOCMP in Australia, can’t be found in a doctor’s office or in books. There is information about government mind control in the U.S. and Canada on the web thankfully; and information on ritual abuse (including in Australia) which describes the same forms of programming mind control and mentions abuse such as child pornography (see for example Most, if not all, Australian survivors of ritual abuse, suffer/ed from GOCMP in Australia and overseas. We usually go through a process of being aware of firstly, the ritual abuse, and then seeing there was more abuse which was paramilitary, organized crime, government related, etc. The main aims of this webpage are to inform, expose and validate that there is GOCMP operating in Australia, and that Australian ritual abuse survivors may quite likely be abused by very secretive criminals involved in a secret paramilitary organisation and organised crime.

The main areas of abuse are: the deliberate exploitation of family and friendship dynamics in order to produce victims; the mind control programming and its drugging, torture, trauma, dissociation and manipulation; the training which included torture, trauma and manipulation; the accessing that maintained control, deployed victims and directed victims to areas of further abuse; the enforced deployment that may include being killed; the intentional amnesia and non awareness of being abused; the side-effects of the abuse such as PTSD, DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), physical scarring and madness, and which the perpetrators did not mind happening; and robbing us of our lives where we had no personal choice and fulfillment. The distinguishing aspects of the organisation/abuse are the deliberate exploitation of generational family dynamics to produce victims; and the mind control programming, training, accessing and deployment. Other abusive organizations may have generational organised crime such as the Mafia and outlawed motorcycle gangs, but they do not abuse non aware victims. Other abusive organisations may have mind control such as extreme right wing terrorists and fanatical fundamentalist religious organisations, but they do not have deliberately produced and totally non conscious victims.

The Deliberate Exploitation of Family and Friendship Dynamics.
“Stephanie says, that She wants to know Why she's given half her life to people she hates now” (Stephanie Says, The Velvet Underground)

The first way people are abused is by the deliberate exploitation of family and friendship dynamics. The perpetrators see partnerships, reproduction and close friendships as the main way to obtain more victims. Within a family it is very difficult, especially as a child and teenager, to stop the programming, training and deployment when surrounded by family perpetrators and victims. Most victims have at least two generations of organisation affected individuals on both sides of the parenting. Usually at least one parent is a conscious and deliberate perpetrator. There are families where both parents are victims, and may not know that they or their children are being abused. However, there is a conscious perpetrator lurking somewhere in the family such as a grandparent, auntie, etc who would direct the abuse. Family perpetrators have access to practically everything concerning the victim including the time, the outward appearance of “(supportive, non-harming) family” local knowledge of other perpetrators to whom the family perpetrator will collaborate with to program and deploy the victim. Added to these are the local perpetrators who are at child care centres, schools, churches and other local institutions, and living in the neighbourhood. This oppressive atmosphere allows little to no means of escaping. Most survivors need to leave the area of their original abuse in order to escape.

Victims are also basically predetermined products of deliberate marriage and reproduction strategies. Spousal victims can be “fresh blood” as happened in my family where the old man deliberately went from Sydney to a very isolated town in New South Wales (Bourke) to find a very insecure woman (my mum) in order that she be programmed and moved very far from her family.  Non aware victims can also be programmed to marry others who are similar and there are handlers who control this marriage. Perpetrators often marry other perpetrators and their children have to deal with both sets of perpetrator parents. The main perpetrators in the family start indoctrinating the children early in order to achieve control.  Control is mapped out already and you have no say in the horrible torture and exploitation done to you. This is done because you are surrounded by perpetrators in the family, or other victims who cannot escape because they are programmed or are too fearful. To the perpetrators, the only reason you are born is to be abused by an illegal money making cartel and power obsessed despots “who worship” hideous beings (ritual abuse). Your perpetrator parent/parents/grandparent/etc. sell you to cartels and you are abused for organized pedophilia, for paramilitary exercises, for medical experimentation, etc. Later, in your adult life, the abuse will be chosen as well. This is an enforced heterosexual marriage (even if you are gay/lesbian) to someone already abused or a perpetrator, and employment usually in an occupation that is setup for their money making such as teaching for organized pedophilia or butchering for dissecting body parts. As an adult and parent victim, you will then be part of the cycle of the generations of perpetrators and victims, even if you are deliberately made oblivious to it all by programming.

To use my family as an example of this. As said, the old man, the only perpetrator in the immediate family (as he wanted be involved and knew about the abuse) travelled in the mid fifties from Sydney to western NSW to find an insecure woman to marry and bring her back to the coast in order to produce a family and have more victims. Being insecure she would not be able to fight programming by firstly believing in herself. She was also 800 kms away from supportive family if she did believe something was wrong and wanted to escape. My brother and I were brought up near Kiama and Wollongong, and like Mum, were programmed to firstly not know about how we were abused, and then were trained in particular roles in order to make money for the old man and the other perpetrators. My brother married someone whom the old man thought could be dissociative enough to be mind controlled, and which he then went about to do. They had a child who was also mind controlled, and again, the old man, oversaw his mind control, and the mind control of his eventual wife and child.  The whole family is mind controlled and unaware of any abuse done to them, and are trained in ways that suit their physical and intellectual abilities so that they make money for the perpetrators. These jobs include making illicit drugs and disposing bodies.

This is different from other organized crime such as the mafia, local gangs, outlawed motorcycle gangs, etc. Perpetrators are drawn to these organizations because they want to commit crime. They are consciously wishing to be perpetrators. The perpetrators do not wish to have non conscious victims in their organizations and do not abuse them. They desire to have a gang of conscious and willing outlaws committing crime together. MC perpetrators will abuse people who don’t wish to perpetrate and will keep them amnesic (not conscious) to their abuse. It is the mind control programming that produces amnesic victims and differentiates these perpetrators from criminal gangs which do not have the programming and which only allow gang members desiring criminal activity. Because of the abilities and power that mc perpetrators have developed over the years, they are the “top dogs” in local, national and international “turfs” and small time criminal groups are monitored so that there is no competition and no large scale accumulation of wealth and power. If there is, they are killed off in ways which are intended to leave no evidence, and which are sometimes done by programmed amnesic victims so that there are therefore no murderers, apart from the knowing victims’ handlers. 

Within the family, perpetrators will create and abuse divisions in order to “divide and conquer”. Individual victims will be pitted against each other and it is the perpetrators who are seen supposedly as “the saviours”. Main perpetrators will also even make themselves “the best saviour”. For example, a major perpetrator at the local high school, a teacher, set it up that she “saved me from my father” and which was another lie.  

Mind Control Programming

Mind control is control of someone’s thoughts, behaviour, beliefs and actions. In other words, control of the person. Nearly everyone in the world is mind controlled in that there are very few people who can do what they want when they want. Even rich people, who have the monetary ability to do as they wish, have socio-economic conditioning that they can only have this so called freedom by the exploitation of others. This conditioning is societal and comes from the socio-economic aspects of an economy such as private enterprise capitalism. The conditioning is done mainly in the family, school and workplace and is above board and known by society.

Mind control programming is very different and is done directly on the person. There is control of someone’s thoughts, behaviour, beliefs and actions, but is done by one perpetrator to a victim, or one perpetrator to a perpetrator (when the second perpetrator wishes to be more a perpetrator). It is one-to-one relationship based, rather than done by society and its institutions. It is also very secretive as it is illegal. It usually consists of intense torture, drugging, manipulation and trickery. Brainwashing is the old term for it. It is called programming these days as the aim is to make a human being into a robot with cues and actions.

Programming consists of three main areas, and the word ‘programming’ can change meaning depending upon grammatical usage. For examples, there is a programming process where the victim is programmed or indoctrinated; and there is a programming system where the indoctrination is placed within ones mind and acts like a machine. Thirdly, there is the overall (programming) mind control slavery where one is totally controlled.

The perpetrators want a victim who is like a non conscious programmed robot.  The aim of the indoctrination is to entrap the person into being totally submissive and involves a lot of torture and trickery to instill intense lies, fears and dependence. Programming is methodical and follows a pre-organised plan that corresponds to age and abilities. The programming torture happens in all areas: physical e.g. beatings, food deprivation, scarring of skin, locked in a small non-lit room for days and electrocution; emotional and sexual e.g. multiple and child rape; and psychological e.g. family deprivation. The lies are: supposed “worthlessness without the group/perpetrators”; that perpetrators "love" you; the outside world e.g. counsellors and loving family and friends "hates and disbelieves you"; you will "always be alone"; you "enjoyed the violence"; etc.

The process of installing the programming consists of torture, trauma and trickery. It usually begins with much torture, drugging, hypnosis, electrocution, being forced to watch horrible videos, etc. The physical torture is being suspended from cages, handcuffed and being put next to a revolving saw, locked away in a basement, etc. Electrocution, particularly in the genital and anal areas, is abused in order to threaten, control and punish. These methods dangerously impair the person’s ability to see things clearly, to act rationally on it, and to escape and fight. The victim is then lied to by drugging and hypnotic suggestion. Common lies are that “there is family present”, there is “a gun”, that s/he is “killing someone”, etc. Perpetrators in the last thirty years or so have been abusing specifically made horrible videos which have the scenarios the handler wants to abuse.

After the victim is what the perpetrators call “pliable”, they then produce a setup where the victim is confronted with a no choice situation involving the life and death of him/herself and “loved ones”.  The victim is placed in a deliberately guilt induced situation where s/he is forced to kill in order to save her/himself or others. The situation deliberately does not have a choice. In an example of one scenario, the victim “has to shoot the loved one (Mum, brother, nephew, etc) or s/he will be shot by the loved one”. S/he understandably shoots the loved one to save her/himself. This is legally and morally acceptable as it is self defence. In one scenario, the victim is drugged and hypnotised, strapped to a seat, electrocuted especially in the anal and genital areas in order to sit still and not move, and has his/her eyes taped open. S/he is forced to watch videos on a computer screen of the simulated setups of “loved ones killing him/her” which s/he thinks is real and understandably shoots the “loved one”. Another example is a young boy who when drugged is lied to that his “Mum has a gun” and which he believes. It is in fact a stick and the drugged and non conscious Mum thinks she has a “pen”. Again he has every right to hit back and stop the gun being shot as this is what he was led to believe and because of self defence. However the perpetrators manipulate the scenarios so that the victim is made to feel extremely guilt ridden and suicidal.

When at this suicidal level, another perpetrator then steps in and lies that “s/he will save the victim”. The “saving” is within sweet talking and supposed “support”. The victim feels better because s/he has been “saved” and even becomes grateful. However, it is really only on condition that the victim effectively obeys what the perpetrator says. The victim is caught again and has no choice. S/he is either suicidal or accepting of the perpetrator’s demands. The perpetrator then becomes the handler and controller of the victim. The handler will in future abuse this programming setup to guilt trip the victim/survivor about how s/he “saved the victim/survivor” and how the victim must do as the handler says. The handler will also add more lies further on such as “helping you with something” and the victim believes this because the handler had supposedly helped him/her before. The suicidality that the victim has when not obeying the handler’s orders e.g. when not contacting, stems back to this no choice setup. The programming is all lies and a setup. The handler knew that the victim was being tortured and was part of its organising. S/he knew s/he was not a “saviour” but was abusing this setup for his/her own devious control.

Dissociation is deliberately abused. The perpetrator/trainer wishes to produce a “split personality” and control him/her. The abuse of trauma also has the desired effect of dissociation and the creation of a separate personality. Extreme and repeated trauma naturally makes people dissociate and form a personality where the trauma is kept until it can be worked on. In programming, the personality contains the trauma of the extreme pain, the guilt and dependence upon, and ultimately slavery to, the handler. The handler/trainer will look to see if a dissociated personality has “popped out” in the process and will goad him/her into submission and separation from other personalities and the host person him/herself. The trauma is in the most deep seated personal state as the victim is severely drugged and extremely pliable. The traumatised and tricked personality is therefore separated from the victim and is controlled by the handler. This is how the perpetrators can control and direct a victim without them knowing what is happening. When being abused, the personality takes over as the trauma is the most deep seated within the personality, and is accessed and deployed without the victim’s host state knowing. The personality is also taught to dislike the person and to be totally loyal to the perpetrator/s and the organisation. The controlled part is therefore not conscious to the person because it is separated and does not follow the person’s wishes and life. In fact the personality is controlled instead by external perpetrators and the personality cannot tell the person what is going on. This is how programming, accessing and deployment work without the victim knowing.

Over time these programming setups are repeated in order to produce more personalities. Each personality has its own roles and tasks from upholding the programming, to contacting handlers, to producing drugs, courier military information, etc. Together the parts form a synchronised system that will act like a machine, maintain the programming system, and act on the perpetrators’ orders including assassination. And all without our knowledge.  Very sadly many victims have gone to his/her death not knowing what abuse was done to him/her. This is because the perpetrators have deliberately stopped awareness by programmed dissociation and control of personalities only within the subconscious of the person.

This system is made identical with all victims so that other handlers and programmers can access and manipulate all victims. The programming has specific stages of indoctrination that are generally called core and then secondary/tertiary/etc layers. For children this can start in the womb, and for kidnapped people such as a new wife, it starts at the age they were kidnapped. The core stages have particularly very heavy and continual torture. The progression is one of destroying trust and of perpetrator obedience. There is also specific training in organisation roles e.g. how to be a sexual slave, etc. At certain ages programming is put in for returning, not disclosing, etc. After continual torture and setups and producing personalities, the perpetrators set up a system of programs within ones being. Firstly the organisation produces a personality or part of a person who has a name, a specific cue and a corresponding behaviour. These parts are then assembled into a system. Firstly it has parts that do things singularly for the handler/organisation. Parts are told to “report in”, to “spy on people”, etc. Secondly there are parts whose job it is to “keep the system in tact”. If programming has been undone there are parts whose job it is to “rebuild the programming”. It also has to act like a whole in the sense of being a machine. The parts must cooperate with each other to do what the perpetrators want and must also stop parts who are escaping.

This control of the person is basically called mind control. It is mind control as it comes mainly from the mind. This is where we think and from where we act on what is fed to us. It is also essentially a conditioning process. We are conditioned by pain and deception to do something for the organisation. The mind control can also be quite simple in its operation. A cue such as a date, colour or sensation (auditory, visual, tactile and other means) sets off a specific behaviour such as “return to the perpetrator”, “don’t disclose”, etc. However, as seen, the control really is in the underlying emotions and ethical areas. The perpetrators want fearful, guilt ridden and extremely grateful personalities to control the victim. Programming also isn’t rocket science. Anyone with an understanding of dissociation and the development of split personalities can see how the programming is done. The following conditions enable programming, accessing and deployment by an external handler: Firstly, a split personality who is lied to that the host person is “horrible” and is guilt ridden and beholden to an external perpetrator; and secondly, a host person who is unaware of the split personality. When the personality has cues related to specific behaviours, s/he becomes like a robot who can be accessed and deployed instantaneously by an external operator without the victim knowing. In my case I had perpetrator controlled non conscious parts who could ring from a public telephone in Indonesia and ask the Australian operator for a reverse charge call to a mobile phone in Australia (the handler) and be told what to do, and all without my knowledge.

Once we are programmed and under their control, we are taught how to do the activities that brings monetary and other benefits to the perpetrators. It encompasses military training, learning to kill, stealing, couriering information and objects, making illicit drugs, cutting up people, disposing people, being sexual, being experimented on, etc. There are two main levels of training. The fundamental level encompasses skills generally abused within the organization and which can be accessed by all perpetrators. These include: basic presentation to the perpetrators, couriering information and other things such as illicit drugs; organized pedophilia; looking for social unrest; remembering information; etc. The second level corresponds to ones abilities whether they be intellectual, physical, etc. Victims who are intelligent are trained in photographic memory in order to courier intricate information, to observe social groups, etc; Victims who are physically well built are trained in how to dissect bodies and carry them, etc.

 Training is done in particular areas that facilitate the type of training demanded of the victim. For military training, military barracks, mines, and large open fields assist to train a victim in field warfare, scaling walls, using military equipment, etc. For drug manufacture, chemist premises and offices are utilized; for experimentation, doctor’s offices are used; etc. Perpetrators who are doctors, chemists, brigadiers, etc will find and sell appropriate space to be abused. I was abused by a doctor in the suburb I grew up in, Berkeley, near Wollongong, NSW, for medical experimentation in the early 1970s. The doctor abused the consultation room for experimenting on me.

As written, the fundamental and general training for victims is for basic and universal purposes such as contacting/accessing, checking to see if the programming is “operational”, couriering information and objects such as illicit drugs, learning how to “sexually please” for child pornography and prostitution; looking for social unrest, especially organised socialism and neonazism/thuggery; remembering information; and seeing if victims within the family and community are escaping. The programmers in the initial stages look for traits that the victim has in terms of intelligence, expression and physicality. The programmers want victims who can remember a lot of specific information and especially having a photographic memory. They want to transmit a lot of particular information such as an illegal drug consignment on a specific ship across a long distance and abuse couriers with good photographic memory and expression to travel far and describe such a delivery. I once had to travel from Brisbane, Australia to Vilnius, Lithuania and describe in detail an illegal silo used for storing illegal armaments to generals there. Programmers also abuse a victim’s physicality for their own ends. If someone is very strong they can be abused to haul dead bodies of people the perpetrators don’t want such as asylum seekers.

The most fearful, vulnerable and hidden personalities in the system i.e. those that are most loyal, are trained in the most important tasks to suit the perpetrators especially with accessing and killing. These personalities are also trained to maintain the programming with tasks such as reporting to the programmer/handler if the host is escaping or undoing programming; rebuilding the programming especially at nighttime when everyone is asleep; confuse the victim so that deprogramming does not happen; and step in and stop any escaping.

Suicidal Thoughts

When the programming is challenged, such as not travelling to courier information or when remembering the abuse, the victim starts to feel suicidal for no known reason. S/he also has specific ways of killing him/herself even though s/he does not consciously remember how s/he learnt them. What is happening is that the programmed responses from the victim were programmed to come on. During the programming s/he made a “vow” that s/he “would suicide by a specific way” because s/he is not “helping the handler” who supposedly “saved her from suicide and horrible people”. These demands by the handler are lies and the handler knows s/he is being deceptive. The handler set up these false situations and does not need to be listened to. If they do come on and you are having difficulty, ring a crisis line or ambulance and go straight to emergency.

The training also exacts a huge toll on our senses and abilities especially when it has to be in a robotic and exact fashion.


Accessing is when the nonconscious victim reports to a perpetrator. This happens when a controlled personality, whom the victim is unaware of and inside him/herself, is beguiled and/or threatened to report to a perpetrator. The victim, during this accessing, goes amnesic (suffering from amnesia or spacing out totally) as the controlled personality takes over the person. The controlled personality rings or meets face to face with a perpetrator, usually the handler. The victim (host) is deliberately not allowed to know of this contact and accessing.

The accessing, is usually done at least once a week, when the personality, must report by telephone (and using reverse charge calling) or face to face. This also occurs if the victim is overseas and s/he is given exact numbers to remember and ring corresponding to the country s/he is in and how to call reverse charge from there. The routine accessing is used to deploy, check on whether the deployment is occurring, check on whether the programming is in tact, and generally see if the victim is being controlled. If the programming is coming apart the handler will tell the parts, whose jobs are to repair the programming, to do such. This is awful for the victim/survivor as s/he can never escape when continuous accessing occurs. I have gone to isolated Indonesian islands where there are no public telephones in order to try and stop accessing. I only had the vague notion that I was being accessed and because parts could not tell me when the accessing occurred I had to simply try my luck and stay somewhere for a while without a public telephone.

During periods of undertaking tasks such as couriering information the accessing can be increased so that the perpetrator is sure the tasks have been done properly. Also if the programming is coming apart, the handler will contact a perpetrator near to where the victim is and send the perpetrator to reaccess and reprogram the victim so that the victim continues to be deployed. This happened in Indonesia in Northern Sulawesi where I was stopping deployment. The handler in Brisbane contacted a perpetrator in Jakarta and sent her to Bunaken Island in order to find me, reaccess me and reprogram me. Annoyingly it worked, but I was still able to get away later J

The victim/survivor is placed into this state by the perpetrators deliberately using trained cues such as being touched in a specific place and words such as “sleeper awake” or “blue insect” etc. The programming system comes on fully and the outer shell/consciousness of the person disappears. S/he then does tasks such as informing, receiving information, cutting up bodies, etc.

Deployment of the Victim

This happens when a victim is nonconsciously controlled by a handler and other perpetrators. The victim is trained in skills and knowledge beneficial to the organisation, and is able to be deployed. Essentially it means the perpetrators control and deploy an expert and informed person who does not know s/he is abused. S/he could be travelling to Europe to be a tourist when in fact s/he is couriering very secretive military information concerning illegal arms. S/he is also the best possible courier because even s/he does not s/he is being abused. So even if s/he is asked any questions by law enforcement, s/he does not know what is happening, and is the perfect cover for the perpetrators. With the host (non aware part) of the victim, even abnormal happenings, such as an unusual trip to Broome on the other side of Australia, and in the unattractive wet season, seemingly had a “reason” as it had an “interesting golf course”.  In reality, the underlying perpetrators accessing the victim, had told the victim, whom they knew liked golfing, that it would be an “appealing place to visit”. The victim doesn’t know where this voice came from, but feels it is true and something like a dream. S/he believes it as it’s internal, and is not a terrible thought. Anyway, how can visiting Broome be bad?  In reality, what happened is that the host person had followed directions to a specific market, and again, was told by accessing and in the subconscious, to be “dressed in specific colours”. A perpetrator spotted the colours, had tapped her thrice on the left side of the back and the host had spaced out into a subconscious personality and walked with the perpetrator to a car where the personality had told the perpetrator that a boat named ….. was to arrive at the Broome harbour from Vietnam on …… and had illicit drugs.

The following areas of deployment denote that the victim was programmed and was/is amnesic and not knowledgeable of the abuse. Sometimes perpetrators will abuse conscious victims who have been threatened with their lives or those of a partner, family or friend, if they don’t undertake deployment, and they also are victims.

Exploited for Illegal Products: production, experimentation, couriering the actual products, or couriering information concerning them
Illegal products, such as illegally obtained espionage information on a radical student organization, are very lucrative. Also, the more illegal the product such as illicit drugs and child pornography, the more lucrative it is. There is a huge list of products and objects that the organizations wish to obtain. These include: kidnapping ritual abuse victims who are killed in elaborate homicidal ceremonies; illegal arms and their production, trade, storage, couriering information concerning them; and human experimentation especially with bacterial warfare.  Illicit drugs and their production, trade, couriering information concerning them; couriering them (“mule”) and human experimentation with their development and manufacture. Organised pedophilia including child pornography and child prostitution, and includes being the programmed child and adult roles. Illegal experimentation for human robotics, and for developing the programming itself. Illegal abuse for programming others (part of the staged programming scenarios). Programmed to be minor roles in homicidal films (“snuff movies”). Programmed to be the model for showing how programming works for perpetrators. Illegal body parts and their dismemberment, trade, storage and couriering information concerning them. Illegally obtained espionage information – programmed to observe left wing student activists, specific groups who are opposed/different to hegemonic groups such as Muslim people, Indigenous people, refugees, migrants, opposition political parties e.g. socialist parties

Exploited for Legal Products obtained illegally
This includes stealing artworks, jewellery and other expensive items held privately and publically; (illegal) human experimentation for legal pharmaceutical drugs; and assassins of landowners so that their mining and agricultural land is now owned (indirectly through control of receiving family).

Exploited for Illegal Maintenance of Criminal Control
This means illegal ways are abused in order to maintain control of the production, trade and couriering information concerning illegal products. This means being programmed to assassinate competing organized crime.

Exploited for Illegal Maintenance of Exploitative Socio-Economic Control
This means abusing illegal methods to maintain existing public methods of exploitative socio-economic control such as private enterprise capitalism in the west. Being programmed for obtaining information of radical groups such as student activists, Indigenous people, migrants with alternative views, alternative political parties, etc. Victims who have an interest in politics and are universities are usually deployed here. Social destabilization such as the assassination of alternative political and social leaders such as John Kennedy and John Lennon, and mass shootings so as to give the impression that “society is crazy” and needs “stable leadership from companies, the military and conservative politicians”.  Victims are programmed to do mass shootings and then to suicide themselves.

Taxation Reduction
e.g. Killing refugees so as to not pay taxes for social security.

Exploited for Ritual Abuse Slavery
Victims are also exploited for ritual abuse slavery. This means being forced to attend and participate in elaborate ceremonies where people, including children and babies, are raped and murdered. A ritual abuse ceremony, held at various times every year, are supposed to represent the opposite of goodness, and so murder, rape and other heinous crimes are performed to bolster the perpetrators megalomania and other sordid beliefs. Victims have to dress up like animals, demons, clowns, etc and act out accordingly. We also have to participate in the rapes and murdered and are also raped and extremely humiliated.

How the Abuse Happens: The Creation and Separation of the “Normal” Host State and the Non Conscious Programming System

The abuse can only occur when there is the creation of two personal conditions. These are the conscious “normal” host state and the non conscious programming system. Secondly there needs to be a huge separation between them so that the “normal” host state does not know about the programming system. What perpetrators want firstly is a victim who believes that s/he is having a “totally normal and fulfilling life” and no harm is happening to her/him. However, underneath this host state, the victim unknowingly has a non conscious programming system of personalities who undertake tasks to fulfill the perpetrators’ greed and control of power. Overall, the victim/survivor is motivated by the programming even though s/he is not aware of it. Motivations include “saving a partner, family, friends, the world, etc” and are deeply imbedded within the programming. The handlers and other perpetrators are the supposed “saviours” and victims/survivors must again supposedly “suicide” if they challenge “the oaths of loyalty”. The perpetrators also wish to maintain both the host state’s belief that “nothing is wrong” and the programming system’s directly fulfilling its tasks such as couriering information.

The Conscious “Normal” Host State - The Completely Dissociated and Amnesic State of the Victim/Survivor
“Well I thought my life was a photograph On the family Christmas card, Kids all dressed in buttons and bows And lined up in the yard”  Joan Baez, Play Me Backwards

The first way the perpetrators deceive us in the abuse is the trickery that we “live very normal lives” and “no harm has ever happened to us nor will happen”. The first reason for why we cannot connect to knowing about the abuse is that we naturally dissociated completely after we were programmed. The torture and trauma was so horrible we naturally built walls of amnesia in order to contain the abuse and live “above it”. Victims of rape, incest, etc in the wider community naturally dissociate after the trauma, and as survivors we do too. What’s different to other extreme trauma survivors is that the perpetrators deliberately want this separation so that we cannot see that we are/were abused and find support to stop it. The perpetrators deliberately want us to live blithely thinking we have a “very good life”, and separate the host victim/survivor from the programming system of personalities with their tasks/roles, and the history of being abused.

The perpetrators also deliberately torture victims/survivors in three other ways in order to stop them from knowing about the abuse. Firstly, they threaten the personalities severely if they talk with the host victim/survivor about the programming, the deployment, accessing, etc. They are not allowed to help the victim/survivor escape and are punished horribly if they do. Secondly, the perpetrators torture the personalities with suicide programming if the host starts to remember the abuse, disclose about it, get support, etc. When memory surfaces about the abuse such as paramilitary activities, specific programming voices come on that the victim “must suicide by this specific way – e.g. driving off the road quickly”. Thirdly, if we get triggered by seeing military activities on television or have memory of child pornography, personalities are told to lie to us that these “are fanciful ideas in ones mind and made up”. “How can an average Australian working class woman ever see Iranian refugees in a camp? or know the logistics of the local methamphetamine drug trade? etc”

Perpetrators will also work around the person’s normal life in order to not cause suspicions that something is wrong. They will abuse a victim’s travelling holidays or daily commuting for couriering information. For examples, when I was living at Wollongong and going to university in Sydney I would be couriering information during the week between the two places. When I was teaching in New Zealand and coming back to Australia for school holidays I would be couriering information between Auckland and Sydney. Perpetrators would also try to persuade victims to go to particular places that would fall outside of the normal or even desirous, such as for a snow skier “going on holiday to Vietnam”. The perpetrators, when accessing the victim, would suggest to programmed parts to ‘circulate’ this idea in the subconscious and the victim then would get some inclination to go to Vietnam. Because noone knows about such brainwashing and abuse, the victim does not think hearing these subconscious voices is weird and criminal, but only unusual that s/he decided to “go to Vietnam that year”. The reality is that s/he was delivering information between Sydney and Ho Chi Min City concerning a drug shipment.

The Underlying Non Conscious Programming System
Underneath the conscious victim, in a non conscious area, lies the programmed system of personalities. As explained before, the system is not allowed to be known to the victim/survivor. It is where the oaths of suicidality were produced, where the roles and tasks were trained, and where the accessing cues are. When a victim is accessed, all of the host conscious self is stripped away, and out fully come the controlled inner selves from the subconscious. These parts have been produced by dissociation, but instead of normally and naturally dissociating into the host, they have been manipulated and perverted to be controlled by external perpetrators in the programming process. So inside a victim lie personalities who are controlled by an external perpetrator, and will take over the whole victim when s/he is ordered to by specific cues. It is/was these internal, but still externally controlled personalities, which make victims horrified when they saw/see films like The Exorcist and Alien. Inside the people on screen, lay personalities not of their making or control, and who caused problems for the host.

It is the underlying programming system which has supreme control over a victim, instead of the host state. This is because of two reasons. Firstly, the victim is in an inherent condition when the programming is done, and secondly, programming consists of setups concerned with saving people from death, which is a very primal and necessary responsibility of a person. When the victim is drugged and hypnotized in the programming, it causes the victim to be in an innate state like s/he was just born. Therefore when the programming is challenged, because for example, s/he did not return to the handler, it feels like the victim/survivor has this totally encompassing suicidality that comes from within his/her core. To rectify this, the survivor needs to see that being aware of this programming s/he can control it. S/he can put her/himself in a safe place so that the suicidal feelings will blow over, and they do. The programming system, if not understood and checked, controls ones thoughts and actions. The deep-down programming is based on setups that involve “saving people” and so victims will do anything to save someone even if this saving is in a non conscious memory and causes irrational behaviour and thinking. To a victim, there is nothing irrational about the conduct and beliefs. S/he doesn’t know it’s programming, but rescuing someone very dear to her/him. Therefore, within the non conscious programming, the handler may tell the parts that “to save their mum a good idea is to go to Hong Kong next week” even though the person does not like northern Asia and instead wants to go to New Zealand next week. This idea about Hong Kong circulates inside the system, and then percolates into the consciousness of the victim. The personalities must tell the host without causing alarms.

Common and Main Aspects of the Abuse

Owned by Perpetrators
Personalities and the host maybe deceived into thinking that “they control their lives”, but this is as further from the truth as can be. Personalities were beguiled into taking an oath to totally adhere to the perpetrators, especially the handler, or to die by suicide. The survivor needs to be able to work on suicidality in order to escape.  

Non Consciousness
Victims do not know they are being abused, and it is very difficult for us to find accounts of the abuse and validation. The perpetrators want that the victim is not aware of the abuse because then the victim will try and stop it. Some victims, like my brother, have been programmed since birth, and may even be abused all his life. My mum has been abused all her adult life, and only now, when in a nursing home, is she not being deployed. People are abused in exploitative socio-economic systems such as capitalism and communism, but people can find information readily to show how they are exploited, and join support groups with fellow activists to release their feelings about them and change society. Not so with victims of GOCMP. There is now information on the web about GCMOP for North American survivors and survivors generally, and this webpage aims to bring people up to speed in Australia.

Constant Abuse
The perpetrators want profitable outcomes in terms of money obtained from illegal drugs, pornography, arms, etc, and will deploy victims as early and as often as they can. Victims are constantly abused weekly in their local area for activities such as drug production, being the adult or child in child pornography, observing groups who are/might be opposed to the status quo such as The Australian Greens political party or student activists. Again, they are programmed to undertake these tasks either in a totally amnesic state such as the drug production and child pornography, or in their “awake” state when the personalities are active and undertaking their roles while the host state thinks s/he is simply doing normal things. This second condition can happen when the personalities are observing what is happening at the alternative political party and will report in later to the handler about what happened at the meeting. When disclosing to the handler about the meeting the host victim is totally amnesic and the personality will be the only part of the victim who is totally out. Meanwhile the host state has no idea what the personality did at the meeting and what the personality told the handler. Because the personality is dissociated (separated) from the host victim s/he can do things within his/her own abilities. S/he has also been trained separately from the host victim, and therefore, like all the personalities within the person, lives more or less “a life of his/her own”.

Essentially it means the perpetrators control and deploy an expert and informed person who does not know s/he is abused. S/he could be travelling to Europe to be a tourist when in fact s/he is couriering very secretive military information concerning illegal arms. S/he is also the best possible courier because even s/he does not she is being abused. So even if s/he is asked any questions by law enforcement, s/he really does not know what is happening, and is the perfect cover for the perpetrators. With the host, even abnormal happenings, such as an unusual trip to Broome on the other side of Australia, and in the unattractive wet season, seemingly had a “reason” as it had an “interesting golf course”.  In reality, the perpetrators accessing the victim, had told the parts to circulate information about golfing as they knew the victim liked golfing, and then it would be an “appealing place to visit”. The victim doesn’t know where this voice came from, but feels it is true and something like a dream. S/he believes it as it’s internal, and is not a terrible thought. Anyway, how can visiting Broome be bad?  In reality, what happened is that when in Broome, the everyday “normal” host person followed directions he heard in his subconscious about going “to a specific market and dressing in specific colours”. In reality he had been accessed and the subconscious parts had been told to go to a specific market and dress in specific clothes. At the market, a perpetrator was looking out for someone in the colours, tapped him thrice on the left side of the back and the host had spaced out totally into a subconscious personality. The personality walked with the perpetrator to a car where the personality told the perpetrator that a boat named ….. was to arrive at the Broome harbour from Vietnam on …… and had illicit drugs. This was information the victim had been told in Perth when accessed there and told to deliver to Broome. Victims are abused for couriering information because the organisation does not want information about extremely profitable goods going to anyone who could “steal” the goods. Even the most trusted perpetrators in the organisation could grab the goods and sell them elsewhere, and so the victim, who is totally unaware of the information, is abused. Any conscious perpetrator passing or collecting information has had to prove s/he will not cheat on the organization. When the programming is challenged, such as not travelling to courier information or when remembering the abuse, the victim starts to feel suicidal for no known reason. S/he also has specific ways of killing him/herself even though s/he does not consciously remember how s/he learnt them. These subterranean feelings seem to take over and s/he needs to be hospitalised.

After/Side Effects
Even though the abuse is mainly non conscious, personalities still carry the effects, especially psychological ones like guilt, for when we were forced to murder, and physical ones like the large scarring of skin when being tortured by a knife cutting our necks, and kidney and liver issues from being experimented on by dangerous drugs, etc.. We are easily triggered by scenes of the military, espionage, organised crime and other violence on TV and film. We suffer from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and C-PTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) a long time after we escape.

During programming we were/are tortured horribly with electric probes put into our anuses and in our genital areas. There are also other probes used to stop us from trying to escape. We are strapped onto a platform or chair with our eyes taped open and forced to watch awful videos that supposedly represent our family “being killed”. Sometimes the perpetrators will lie that “our family are present” in order to create a lying scenario that “we are being killed by them and we must defend ourselves”. Sometimes the real family are present and we are all placed in setups where we have no choice but “to kill them in order to defend ourselves”. These “killings” are morally and legally defencible because they are actions of self defence. However, parts, especially young ones, do not know that it is legally fine to kill in self defence, and carry extreme guilt which is exploited horribly by the perpetrators who lie that they “saved them”. 

The deployment is extremely horrible. We can be sent to areas where we could be killed such as in Sulawesi, Indonesia where Western foreigners were killed by Muslim extremists. We could be sent to areas where the perpetrators have horrible enclosures of native victims who are illegally experimented on for the effects of certain medicines and biological warfare, such as just outside of Ujang Padang in Sulawesi, Indonesia. The enclosures were awful with so many deaths and debilitating illnesses affecting the people. Even though we are in an amnesic state, our parts still see what has occurred and the memories stay with us. Then there are the dreadful effects such as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) triggered by awful events we may see on TV or films such as military ventures, organised crime, domestic violence, etc. Having Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) means that we need to gather our personalities together in order to have a straightforward life. Parts may wish to do different things and so we need to explain that we need to have togetherness in order to do daily activities. Sometimes personalities can take over when we are stressed, and so we need to watch that we do not become too stressed. Many victims also suffer from madness and depression. They can have complete breakdowns and are forced to be hospitalized for long periods. They do not know why they are in psychiatric wards only that they have these completely unfathomable “murderous urges to kill their child” This is in fact programming that if they start to become aware they need to kill their family and themselves.  We were also deliberately stopped from knowing that we are/were abused by psychological techniques such as manipulated dissociation, intensive drugging, etc. In terms of the criminality, the perpetrators should be taken to court and tried for hideous and long term crimes such as psychological and physical torture and hurt; for deliberately placing people in harm’s way; for the severe death threats to oneself and loved ones.

Then there is also physical scarring such as rectal and genital harm and in other places where it is hard to see such as the underside of arms, on the head under hair, etc. The most atrocious harm done to people is the murder and attempted murder by the perpetrators with “suicide programming”. Victims really need to work on suicide programming in order to escape.

Lastly there is the robbing us of our lives where we had no personal choice and fulfillment. Most victims/survivors are programmed to do daily lives/occupations that will benefit the perpetrators. This includes being a chemist for making illicit drugs, for being a teacher to facilitate organized pedophilia, to being a butcher to facilitate black market organ transplants to being a policeperson to facilitate the killing of competitive organized crime, etc. The victim/survivor may not know that s/he is abused in the perpetrators’ areas. Even if we were able to do what we wished in our normal host lives in terms of occupation, in other areas of our life, such as holidays or trips, we are non consciously abused/programmed to courier information or illicit drugs; and during the week we can be deployed to produce illicit drugs, to attend a left wing political party, etc. Survivors call the abuse Mind Slavery as we did/do not have control of our minds and ourselves.  It is different to physical slavery, but the effect is the same.